Oct 22, 2010

Missy "Behind The Scenes"

Missy explains that she's just been "behind the scenes" writing and producing for other artists, but publicly announces she gonna be dropping her new single Blow Ya Whistle "in a minute"! Gotta put the puzzle together; come up with a great video concept and mix the song up a bit!

Source: MTV News

Oct 9, 2010

Black Girls Rock!

Missy is one of the honorees at this years Black Girls Rock! Awards and shall be receiving the Visionary Award: "Missy Elliott is not your average female rapper. In the business of music, she is known for setting trends and breaking new ground in hip hop. With an innovative style that complements her music, the five-time Grammy Award winner continues to push the envelope for females in a male-dominated industry."

And as you may remember back in 2007, Missy was rewarded with the "Creative Visionary" award from BGR

Make sure you catch the 2010 Black Girls Rock! Awards on Sunday,
Nov. 7th at 8/7c on BET

Missy Elliott: Visionary (photos)

I Could've Loved You video

The song of course was recorded and released back in 2009,
but now the video is up!

The video was obviously filmed back in 2009 and as you can tell it has been changed from the Original Version 
Are you guys feeling this new dance mix of the song?

Oct 4, 2010

"Pin The Tail" Mystery

Looking through some talk about Missy Elliott on Twitter we came accross two people who claimed to have heard a song called "Pin The Tail" that was played by a Virginia radio station.
The song is, of course, by Missy Elliott. Apparently a preview has leaked and the station has been playing it often. We have not heard this song as of yet but we can confirm that song is real and by Missy Elliott.