Oct 28, 2011

Timbaland E! True Hollywood Story

Tonight Missy was filming for Timbaland's E! True Hollywood Story,
it will air TUESDAY Dec. 20! Check out Missy before filming posing
in this hot pic!

"E! THS: Timbaland" promises to be an epic show, with a dream roster
of big interviews. - producer for E! THS

And incase you haven't seen it, check out Missy Elliott's E! THS [2004]:

Oct 26, 2011

Until It's Gone [Video]

Monica's new official lead single from her upcoming album, New Life, now has a very dramatic and unexpected music video. "Until It's Gone" was produced by Missy Elliott and Lamb, written by Jazmine Sullivan.

Oct 20, 2011

Block Party [Update]

Missy Elliott is going to have rapping and singing on it, like her albums usually do, but the surprising news is... Missy has all the tracks with rapping on it finished! She currently only has one track with singing on it, and she's going to add 2 more. So once Tim and her get those 2 songs done, "Block Party" will finally be COMPLETE

Missy says they went left with the records, they didn't conform to all the other sounds on the radio; no autotune, just good ol' fashioned Tim and Missy! Crazy tracks like "The Rain", not just dancing records. Is anyone else as excited as we are!? Worth The Wait

Oct 19, 2011

Listening Party for Block Party!

Oct. 18 there was a listening party for Missy's "Block Party", and the record label was present! Tim tweeted "dope listenin thing for missy album...d from her label kept rewindin joints haha". There was a meeting held afterwards && according to Missy things went GREAT

Missy and Timbaland said they wanted to bring back that 90's sound with a futuristic twist, and the label was loving it! There are many potential singles and they said Missy sounds refreshed with "arrogant" records! We are definitely one step closer to getting new music!

They're planning to drop their singles at around the same time, but they probably won't release it this year, as they don't want to "get lost in the holiday traffic", but I say... 2012 will be Missy's YEAR!

Oct 4, 2011

Support Missy "No cheating!"

Everyone should go and purchase all the new music that Missy has
worked on so far; no illegal and/or free downloading! As Missy has said
"Go out and cop it, no cheating!"
Here's links for the songs ;-)

Katy Perry feat. Missy Elliott - Last Friday Night T.G.I.F (Remix)
Purchase: T.G.I.F (Remix) [iTunes]

Monica feat. Rick Ross - Anything (To Find You)

Purchase: Anything (To Find You) [iTunes]

Demi Lovato feat. Missy Elliott & Timbaland - All Night Long

Purchase: All Night Long [iTunes]

J. Cole feat. Missy Elliott - Nobody's Perfect

Purchase: Nobody's Perfect [iTunes] Explicit
Purchase: Nobody's Perfect [iTunes] Clean

Monica - Until It's Gone

Purchase: Until It's Gone [iTunes]