Apr 24, 2011

Is Missy retiring? Is Block Party her last album??

Lately there's been some news circulating that Missy Elliott is hanging up the mic and retiring from the rap game...Now any self-respecting Missy fan KNOWS this can not be true at all. Missy would never retire from the game completely; she'll always be somewhere writing and producing behind the scenes for other artists. But as for the rumors that Block Party will be her last album...who's to say? Da Brat was recently cited as saying "this could possibly be her last album" (Check the interview here: Ba Drat on Missy Elliott  also news on a "Ladies' Night" Part 2) BUT earlier today (4/24) Missy tweeted: "I was gonna do one more album but I got more in me...so im not retiring"

It's still up in the air if Block Party truly will be her last, but if it is, Missy has got to make sure it's a "Head Banga" (and knowing Missy, that won't be a problem)