Mar 8, 2011

Warped & Patty Cake & Murder She Wrote...Oh my!

:::::Exciting news Missy & Tim fans:::::
So according to the "A Talk With Timbaland And Missy" interview,
Tim and Missy are gonna be doing videos for both
Take Ur Clothes Off && Warped (feat. Sebastian)

Hopefully you've all been calling up your local stations and requesting "Take Ur Clothes Off", and also don't forget to join the online campaign for "Warped"! Timbaland Thursdays ~ Request Warped

*by the way, if you don't have a Twitter need to get one!*
Last night Missy's and Tim's DJ (Freestyle Steve) revealed the names of 2 news tracks, supposedly for Missy's long awaited album,
Missy and Tim are guaranteed to get folks dancing again!!

DJ FreeStyle Steve is also saying that Missy fans should call up Atlantic Records and DEMAND Missy's new album, and Missy agrees with him!
Hmm...looks like we got work to do ;-)

Mar 1, 2011

A Talk With Timbaland And Missy Elliott

I'm not even gonna say nothing you guys, just see it for yaself && ENJOY