Oct 19, 2011

Listening Party for Block Party!

Oct. 18 there was a listening party for Missy's "Block Party", and the record label was present! Tim tweeted "dope listenin thing for missy album...d from her label kept rewindin joints haha". There was a meeting held afterwards && according to Missy things went GREAT

Missy and Timbaland said they wanted to bring back that 90's sound with a futuristic twist, and the label was loving it! There are many potential singles and they said Missy sounds refreshed with "arrogant" records! We are definitely one step closer to getting new music!

They're planning to drop their singles at around the same time, but they probably won't release it this year, as they don't want to "get lost in the holiday traffic", but I say... 2012 will be Missy's YEAR!