Jul 6, 2010

Review: Missy Elliott's Endorsements

1998 - Sprite Commercial

In 1998, Missy Elliott appeared along side Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan on this Sprite Commercial spitting a few lines.

1999 - Iman Cosmetics "Misdemeanor" Lipstick

In 1999, Missy Elliott teamed up with model Iman to market a new lipstick brand called Misdemeanor. A portion of the lipsticks sales were donated to the non-profit organization Break The Cycle, which dedicates itself to fight domestic violence.

2003 - Vanilla Coke & GAP Commercial

In 2003, Missy Elliott surfaced with two huge endorsements. One from Coca-Cola and their introduction of Vanilla Coke:

And her most famous endorsement to date with GAP alongside legend Madonna which aired on VH1. The "Into The Hollywood Groove (Remix)" was also featured in Madonna's hits collection album.

2004 - MAC Cosmetics "Viva Glam" & ADIDAS "Respect M.E."

In 2004, Missy Elliott joined forces with MAC Cosmetics to promote their "Viva Glam" Campaign. Elliott promoted the MAC Viva Glam V lipstick from with 100% of the sale goes to the M.A.C. AIDS fund.

Also in 2004, Missy Elliott, a well-known public fan of ADIDAS, finally got her wish when ADIDAS contacted her to create her own line under the name "Respect M.E." making it the only woman and second person (after Run DMC) in Hip-Hop to have a clothing line under ADIDAS.

2005 - Virgin Mobile (Europe)

In 2005, Virgin Mobile in Europe recruited Missy Elliott for two commercials featuring funny situations in which things do not appear to be what they seem.

2006 - Jeep Commander

In 2006, Chrysler enlisted Missy Elliott to promote the Jeep Commander to the Hip-Hop Crowd. Missy Elliott produced a 30 second clip of music to be aired along side the Jeep Commander Commercial. The Jeep Commander was also a product placement on Missy Elliott's "Lose Control" music video.

2007 - Doritos Collision

In 2007, Missy Elliott promoted the Doritos line extension with a commercial. "When I spit/ them hatin chicks wanna know how much I get 200 grand to eat Dorito chips" Missy raps on "Talk That".

2008 - Diet Pepsi (Cameo)

In 2008, Missy Elliott appeared in a commercial for Diet Pepsi which was aired during the Superbowl. This makes the third soda company in the U.S. that Missy Elliott endorses after Sprite and Coca-Cola.


Tirminyl said...

There is a missing commercial and I've been trying to find it for years. She is in a red coat and is horizontal on the screen. A beat plays and she raps while walking and the screen rotates. I think the commercial was for Gap or some clothing. It had a sick beat but I have not been able to find it since.