Aug 18, 2010

Missy's New Single Announced!!!

Missy has told us through her Twitter what the name of her new single is!! Aren't you excited!? Okay, it is called...
wait for it...a little more...BLOW YA WHISTLE! :D

This is awesome news! Since Missy finally has a name for it,
I believe "Blow Ya Whistle" will be dropping soon ;)

Missy sayin it's soo NUTZ it'll have the clubs MELTING
I know it will Missy!!

Missy's Official Twitter: @MissyElliott

UPDATE: "Blow Ya Whistle" is not produced by Timbaland. However the Timbaland Track might be released at the same time with "Blow Ya Whistle"
Timbaland's brother Sebastiant also tweeted the following:

Just heard Tim did a joint for missy eliott that will remind the world on "Get ur Freak On" o snap watch out yallless than a minute ago via mobile web