Feb 19, 2011

VH1 Behind The Music

Today (2/19) Missy revealed via twitter that her and timbaland are going to be taping for her Behind The Music episode! Missy's Behind The Music is rumored for a spring release date; specifically March. A member of Missy's old group Sista had said she did an interview for VH1 that will be aired in the Spring (not confirming if it was for Missy's episode, but said it was about Sista). I'm loving the fact that VH1 went back and decided to interview her old group for the show!

The first taping for the show is completed so now
we're just waiting on Missy and Tim to finish up :]

Y'all looking forward to Missy Elliott's Behind The Music??

-UPDATE- Missy and Tim had a blast taping for VH1 at the Studio last night! The tapings are finally finished...
Now we wait for it to be aired *sets my watch*

*UPDATE UPDATE* Mona Scott Young (Missy's manager) says that Behind The Music will air in the Summer time!


Stinker said...

Is there anyway someone could have Mona Scott contact Kevin Bowden (manager\agent) from the Dallas,Texas area? He is wanting to network with her in respect to mentoring and working together in the future. Kevin may be reached at the following: